ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer Review

ProForm Smart StriderWhen i was doing my research on elliptical, i found out that they can easily help you lose a substantial amount of weight in a mere matter of weeks while building up muscle. This cardiovascular machine is also ideal for overweight and elderly users since it is designed to take the weight of your body off the knees. By the same token, this apparatus conveniently absorbs any strain to your joints, which is quite a refreshing change from most machines such as the treadmill and stepper machines. Because they are so easy to use, elliptical trainers are also recommended to beginners who are just starting a fitness regimen.

The main advantage with owning your own elliptical trainer is that you can choose the pace of your own workout. It also allows you to work out in the comfort of your very own home. If you want to invest in an elliptical trainer, you might want to give the ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer a try. Priced between $500 and $600, this machine comes with a plethora of features that will allow you to benefit from a professional-grade training session without purchasing a gym membership. This revolutionary apparatus is also known for its super-fast assembly since it comes with all the parts and equipment required to set up the machine. The majority of users found that they were able to easily assemble the elliptical trainer in far less than one hour.

The Strider is enhanced by no less than 18 levels of resistance that will allow you to vary your workout and alternate between higher and lower intensities. It also adds quite a lot of variety to your training session while preventing your muscles from adjusting to the same motions over and over again. Working on higher intensity will also derive more effort from your muscles while targeting common problem areas such as the hips, waist, stomach, arms, shoulders, glutes as well as the upper and lower arms. With this apparatus, it is also possible to benefit from 18 built-in workout applications that were exclusively designed by fitness trainers.

Strider LCDThe elliptical trainer also includes an oversized LCD monitor designed to help you keep a close watch on your fitness data such as the time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned, current resistance level and other such information. Athletes can also benefit from more luxurious amenities such as a water bottle holder. If you live in a small space, you will be glad to learn that this apparatus is enhanced with a space saving design. By this token, you will be able to fold up the machine for easy storage. Best of all, it is even enhanced by a series of transport wheels that enable you to move the apparatus to any room of the house. The leveling feet is also fully adjustable to facilitate both storage and ease of use.

This machine employs SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance which provides you with a super smooth back and forth motion with none of the usual whirring and mechanical noises that come with other cardiovascular apparatuses. Because it is fully iPod compatible, you can undoubtedly spruce up your training session by listening to your favorite music while you train. It also includes an EKG Grip Pulse that allows you to monitor your pulse and ensure that you remain within your target pulse zone. Its solid steel construction can very easily be used to sustain quite a lot of wear and tear. In fact, the machine has been known to last for several decades at a go- if not decades- with the proper maintenance.

The ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer is covered by a lifetime warranty on the frame and five years on the parts. Fore more reviews check out

7 Recumbent Bike Workout Tips To Keep You Healthy

Marcy Recumbent Mag CycleA recumbent stationary bike has a bucket seat and there are pedals located at the bike’s front. This setup allows for a reclined position during your ride. This posture takes the stress out of your lower back, hands, wrists and spine and provides extensive workout for the muscles of your legs. Best recumbent bikes like Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle (Image Below – Read all stationary recumbent bike reviews here) help burn calories and tone your quads, hamstrings, gluteus and calf muscles.

If you have still not taken advantage of a recumbent bike, begin by learning some helpful workout tips. They will make your recumbent bike workouts successful and keep you healthy.

1. Dynamic Stretches

Recumbent bike riding is an intense exercise that works up multiple muscles and joints in your lower body. It is important to work yourself up before you begin riding to avoid causing any injuries to your connective tissues. It is recommended to spend five minutes performing some dynamic stretches. Leg swings, knee highs, side bends, walking lunges and trunk rotations are great examples of dynamic stretches.

Watch the video below for better understanding about Dynamic Stretches

2. Seat and Equipment Adjustment

In order to have a successful recumbent bike workout, make sure that your seat is properly set up. Sit down, put your feet on the bike pedals and spin a few times. While doing this, focus on how your knees extend. Your knee should be slightly bent when your leg is at the back of the crank. If it is not where it should be, slide your seat forward or backward until it is.

3. Exercise Duration

The basic exercise tip: do it often enough and long enough. Unless you do this, your exercise efforts will not bear much fruit. The recommendation of American College of Sports Medicine is that of around thirty minutes of exercise, five days a week for acquiring healthy benefits.

4. Proper Form

Having the proper riding form is important when exercising on a recumbent bike. You can place your hands on the handle but try not to lean forward. It is best to maintain a straight position. Keep your back tight and use the backrest during your entire workout. Push as hard as you can with your legs while you are pedaling. Leaning forward too much may develop muscle imbalances.

5. Workout Techniques

You can vary your exercise on the bike as you want by shifting your speed, duration and resistance. Adjust your resistance by increasing it gradually and challenging yourself. Change your exercise duration each week to keep your workouts interesting and motivate yourself to go farther. Vary your speed with slower pace at times and build up speed during intervals. This will help burn out more calories.

6. Track your progress

Many good recumbent bikes like Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike (image below – Read Our Review Here) have an LCD display for tracking your time, calories, distance, speed and heart rate. This can help you intensify your workout while keeping in view the information displayed. This will allow you to get the most of your workout sessions

7. Safety Considerations

Remember to warm up before your work out to prevent any connective tissue injuries. Just like warming up before your intense recumbent bike workout is essential, it is necessary to slowly decrease your resistance and speed as you are finishing your workout. This practice gives your muscles a chance to cool down. Keep a water bottle with you while you are riding the bike to keep your body hydrated. Before you decide to begin a fresh workout routine, it is better to consult your physician.

Following all of these expert workout tips will ensure that you get the most out of your recumbent bike workouts. Want to burn some of those calories? Get yourself one of those great recumbent bikes quick!

Recumbent Bike: Best Burning Fat Cardio & Muscle Building Exercises

exerpeutic 900xlWhat is a recumbent bike?

Have you ever ridden a recumbent bike? If not, you must have repeatedly asked people about what it is. A recumbent bike is a type of bicycle that places its rider in a special laid-back position like that on a recliner. Here is what a recumbent bike looks like:

If you can see, the recumbent bike’s rider’s weight is comfortably distributed over a larger bike area and is supported by buttocks and back, unlike that of a traditional bicycle.

There are several variants of a recumbent bike including that with three wheels, known as a recumbent tricycle. The best recumbent bike is one that can give you intense cardiovascular workout like that of Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse – Read Our Review Here
How to warm up before riding a recumbent bicycle

The benefits of recumbent bicycle are numerous. One of the best advantages to riding a recumbent bicycle is that it adds strength to your legs. It is also a great cardiovascular workout. Just like for any other exercise, it is important to properly warm up before riding a recumbent bicycle to prevent any injury. Some of the best pre-ride exercises are as follows:
Pre-Ride exercises for Recumbent Bike

1) Walking Warm-up

Warming up basically focuses on getting your blood flow to the muscles that you are about to use in exercise. Riding a recumbent bike requires exercise of your legs. Walking and jogging prior to riding will help increase your heart rate. It will also help your leg muscles get ready for a powerful bicycle workout. Do not make it intense, though. Five to ten minutes of a brisk walk or an easy jog shall do the trick. Watch this video for a greater understanding on the walking warm-up

2) Slow pedaling

Warm yourself up by using the same motion of legs that you will do when riding your recumbent bike. It is beneficial to begin at a leisurely pace. After this slow pedaling of five minutes, spend about ten seconds pedaling fast. Slow it back down again. Repeat this exercise for another five minutes. Doing this three times will help quicken your heart pace.

Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

3) Making Legs Dynamic

Now that you have warmed up, it’s time to stretch yourself. Concentrate on your hips and legs while stretching as they will be used the most while you are riding. The best way is standing beside a wall and swinging one of your legs forward and backward. Start with small swings and slowly increase swinging height as much as it is comfortable for you.

Do this swinging for around 30 to 60 seconds. Keep warming up your outer and inner thighs. Here is a demonstration of dynamic exercises from the same video

4) Ankles Exercise

Your ankles are just not meant to show off those high-heels! While riding a recumbent bike, your ankles provide you with much of the control and power. Use the same dynamic stretching here. Stand on a step and push yourself up on your toes, then lower them slowly. Continue this exercise for about five seconds.

Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine Review

Sole Fitness E98The Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine is a professional-grade machine that costs between $1000 and $2000. This is probably one of the best home elliptical on the market, it is packed with features that will enable you to burn a substantial number of calories in virtually no time at all. Best of all, this apparatus comes with everything that you might need to quickly tone up your body. Because of its commercial feature, this apparatus is built to very easily sustain quite a lot of wear and tear. This machine also includes cutting-edge features to guarantee your comfort during the entire length of your training session.

Power Levels

More importantly, this elliptical trainer has a practical feature that can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees. This can help make your workout far more challenging, which in return, will help you burn more calories. This will also enable you to benefit from different terrain types such as uphill to derive more effort from muscles such as the glutes, calves, ankles and hips. In terms of power levels, this machine is also enhanced with no less than six standard, two heart rate and two custom programs to add more variety to your training session.

Stride Length

With a 20 inch stride length, this elliptical trainer is ideal for users of different heights. Consequently, it can be used by larger families. The 20” stride length is also designed to help you extend your arms and legs as far as you possible can, hence speeding up the fat-blasting process.


This elliptical trainer is equipped with a 34 pound flywheel which is heavy enough to draw most major muscle groups of your body into the workout. The weighed flywheel is designed to speed up the toning up process while building more muscles. Because of the heavy flywheel, the elliptical trainer remains completely stable, regardless of how energetically you train. This is quite a refreshing comparison to flimsier models that continuously move or sway whenever you pick up your pace.

Ease of use

As far as ease of use is concerned, novice users have very little to worry about since the machine is entirely suited to less experienced athletes as well as professional ones. The pedals are entirely adjustable, which makes it ideal for various users. The articulating pedals also ensure your comfort while easily absorbing any strain to your knees and joints.


It is surprisingly easy to join the different parts together on this machine, similar as on Sole Fitness E35. In fact, most users found that they only needed between one to two hours to join the different parts together. The boxed packaging also includes a plethora of accessories as well as a variety of tools designed to facilitate the assembly process. You will also receive a handy instructions manual with detailed instructions in regards to the set up.

Additional Features

Sole Fitness E98 MonitorThis machine also includes a pulse grip as well as a chest strap to help you closely monitor your heart rate. Users can also make the most out of the machine’s 9-inch display screen to deliver a variety of fitness-related data such as the time elapsed, distance covered, number of elliptical strokes, calories burned and the likes. More luxurious amenities are also included in the likes of a water bottle holder and even a sound system to keep you entertained and motivated during the entire duration of your training session.

The Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine has a 400 pound weight limit. It is protected by a warranty of 2 years on labor, 5 years on parts and electronics and lifetime on the frame.

Sunny SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Review

Sunny Magnetic Elliptical TrainerIf you want to lose weight in a safe and sustainable manner, you really can’t go wrong with an elliptical trainer. These practical apparatuses are ideal for users of various levels of expertise. Because of their low-impact feature, elliptical trainers are often recommended to elderly or obese users. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly elliptical trainer, you might want to check out the Sunny SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer. With a 3.6 star rating on most major sites, this machine only costs between $100 and $200. Most importantly, the apparatus is extremely to use and requires very little maintenance.

Perfect for beginners who want to invest in a budget-friendly machine before moving on to a more expensive apparatus, the Sunny SF-E905 is enhanced with everything that you might need to not only shed the pounds but also tone up any flabby area. For example, the machine boasts of a magnetic resistance as well as a micro-tension controller designed to provide you with adequate resistance to tone up your metabolism while enhancing your stamina. With a weight capacity of 220 pounds, this elliptical trainer is ideal for overweight to lightly obese users.

Best of all, the elliptical machine is ergonomically shaped and designed to enhance your safety. For instance, it boasts of a pair of oversized non-slip foot plates that will undoubtedly provide you with a super-firm grip regardless of how energetically you train. The arms are also thickly textured for a non-slippery training session. The apparatus also comes with an LCD screen that will display accurate readouts of various fitness data such as speed, time, scan, total distance and calories. If you’re elderly or a professional athlete who needs to keep an eye on his/her heart rate, you will be glad to learn that the machine also comes with a pulse monitoring system in the elliptical arms.

Measuring 37.8 x 26.6 x 60 inches and weighing only 61 pounds, this elliptical is lightweight enough to be transported anywhere you want. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who lives in a small space of apartment. With this machine, it is possible to lose between 500 and 600 calories in just one hour. Because of the magnetic feature, you can easily expect a highly smooth elliptical stride. With proper maintenance, this apparatus can very easily last for quite a few decades, if not for life. The Sunny SF-E905 Elliptical Trainer is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer Review

Schwinn 425 Elliptical TrainerElliptical trainers can help you tone up your muscles while losing weight in a safe and efficient manner. With a weight loss capacity that ranges between 500 and 600 calories, this apparatus is extremely low-impact which means that you can exercise for as long as you want, with minimal impact on your knees, joints, lower back and the likes. The Schwinn 425 Elliptical trainer is quite a popular choice for both advanced users and beginners. With a 3.75 star rating on most major sites, this apparatus costs between $500 and $600.

Setting up your Apparatus

Like most home fitness equipment, this apparatus arrives unassembled and does require a bit of setting up. However, contrary to popular belief, this machine is exceptionally easy to set up. The Schwinn 425 even comes with all the tools and accessories that you might need for this process. Consequently, most users found that they only required between half an hour to one hour for this process. The boxed packaging also includes a very handy instructions manual designed to guide you through the setting-up process. Because it’s so easy to set up, you can literally use the elliptical on the same day that it’s delivered to you.

Basic Amenities

LCD DisplayThis elliptical trainer comes with a wide variety of amenities in the likes of 12 different levels of magnetic resistance that will allow you to vary between the speed and intensity of your training session. With this apparatus, you can also benefit from a grip heart rate to keep you updated in regards to your pulse- something that can be quite helpful for elderly users who need to keep an eye on their heart rate. The 6 levelling points are also designed to provide you with a far more solid workout platform. It also includes more luxurious amenities such as a water bottle holder and a built-in fan that will keep you cool during your training session. The elliptical equally comes with a reading rack to keep you entertained during the entire exercise session.

Ease of Use

As far as ease of use is concerned, practically no user had anything negative to say about the machine. Quite on the contrary, the Schwinn 425 has articulating footplates which makes this machine quite gentle on the joints and knees. It also features an 18 inch stride length which is ideal for both shorter and taller individuals. It is covered by a 5 year warranty on the frame, 3 months on labor and parts as well as 1 year on electronics.

Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical Review

Exerpeutic 1000XlThe Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical is priced between $200 and $300. With a 3.7 rating on most online sites, this apparatus is ideal for heavy-duty use and can consequently be used on an everyday basis. While it is more suited for advanced users, this elliptical trainer is also a popular choice among beginners who want to quickly acclimatize themselves with the different motions involved in their workout. With this elliptical, it is also possible to lose between 500 and 600 calories in just one hour which comes up to a weight loss of around 5 to 8 pounds in just one month.

With this heavy duty elliptical trainer, athletes can also benefit from 8 different levels of resistance. This consequently enables you to add more variety to your training session while delivering a far more challenging exercise session. Best of all, this machine even comes with an oversized window LCD window display screen to indicate accurate fitness-related data such as the speed, target zone heart rate, scan, distance, time as well as the number of calories burned.

Exerpeutic 1000Xl EllipticalMore experienced athletes will also be able to make the most out of the elliptical’s target zone monitor to ensure that they get the heart rate up and burn more calories. Ergonomic pulse pads have also been included on the handle bars to keep a close track of your heart rate. Best of all, this machine has an exceptionally silent operating system which is quite a contrast to the majority of elliptical trainers. This is mostly because of the V-belt drive as well as the balanced flywheel designed to deliver a smooth motion. By this token, you can easily listen your favorite sound tracks or even watch a movie while you’re exercising.

This is also one of the rare elliptical machines that puts quite a lot of emphasis on safety: for example, it features super-large and textured pedals shape in such a way so as to provide you with a firm grip regardless of how energetically you train. If you live in a compact space such as an apartment, you will be glad to learn that the 1000 XL heavy duty magnetic even comes with a series of transport wheels to help you easily move it around. In spite of its heavy-duty feature, it includes a relatively compact frame which doesn’t take up a lot of space. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.