Welcome to my multimedia gallery. Here you will have the opportunity to "try before you buy" and enjoy video and sound clips of my videos. To view the video or sound clip, simply click on the cover of the video or CD that you wish to watch!
You will need Realplayer to view these.

Irish Dancing Step by Step Volume I

Watch as Olive teaches you the side step in the easy reel.
Irish Dancing Step by Step Volume II

Here Olive is teaching the "treble" move, a vital starting point for hardshoe dancing.

Irish Dancing Step by Step Volume III

Olive demonstrating the traditional set dance "The Job of Journeywork"

World Irish Dancing Championships

See a young Bernadette Flynn practising in a hallway, and her position in the World Championships...

Ceili Dancing - Step by Step Volume 1

A montage of ceili dances.

Due to public demand, we have put 'Step by Step' Volumes 1 & 2
onto DVD and are available now.

Click HERE for a new clip demonstrating how to do a rock

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Sets and Solos Volume 1
(Charlie Flemmings)
Sets and Solos Volume 2
(Belfast Hornpipe)
Sets and Solos Volume 3
(Galway Bay Hornpipe)
The Complete Ceili Collection
(8 Hand Jig)
Sets and Solos Volume 5
(The Dublin Lasses)