Recumbent Bike: Best Burning Fat Cardio & Muscle Building Exercises

exerpeutic 900xlWhat is a recumbent bike?

Have you ever ridden a recumbent bike? If not, you must have repeatedly asked people about what it is. A recumbent bike is a type of bicycle that places its rider in a special laid-back position like that on a recliner. Here is what a recumbent bike looks like:

If you can see, the recumbent bike’s rider’s weight is comfortably distributed over a larger bike area and is supported by buttocks and back, unlike that of a traditional bicycle.

There are several variants of a recumbent bike including that with three wheels, known as a recumbent tricycle. The best recumbent bike is one that can give you intense cardiovascular workout like that of Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse – Read Our Review Here
How to warm up before riding a recumbent bicycle

The benefits of recumbent bicycle are numerous. One of the best advantages to riding a recumbent bicycle is that it adds strength to your legs. It is also a great cardiovascular workout. Just like for any other exercise, it is important to properly warm up before riding a recumbent bicycle to prevent any injury. Some of the best pre-ride exercises are as follows:
Pre-Ride exercises for Recumbent Bike

1) Walking Warm-up

Warming up basically focuses on getting your blood flow to the muscles that you are about to use in exercise. Riding a recumbent bike requires exercise of your legs. Walking and jogging prior to riding will help increase your heart rate. It will also help your leg muscles get ready for a powerful bicycle workout. Do not make it intense, though. Five to ten minutes of a brisk walk or an easy jog shall do the trick. Watch this video for a greater understanding on the walking warm-up

2) Slow pedaling

Warm yourself up by using the same motion of legs that you will do when riding your recumbent bike. It is beneficial to begin at a leisurely pace. After this slow pedaling of five minutes, spend about ten seconds pedaling fast. Slow it back down again. Repeat this exercise for another five minutes. Doing this three times will help quicken your heart pace.

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3) Making Legs Dynamic

Now that you have warmed up, it’s time to stretch yourself. Concentrate on your hips and legs while stretching as they will be used the most while you are riding. The best way is standing beside a wall and swinging one of your legs forward and backward. Start with small swings and slowly increase swinging height as much as it is comfortable for you.

Do this swinging for around 30 to 60 seconds. Keep warming up your outer and inner thighs. Here is a demonstration of dynamic exercises from the same video

4) Ankles Exercise

Your ankles are just not meant to show off those high-heels! While riding a recumbent bike, your ankles provide you with much of the control and power. Use the same dynamic stretching here. Stand on a step and push yourself up on your toes, then lower them slowly. Continue this exercise for about five seconds.

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