Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine Review

Sole Fitness E98The Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine is a professional-grade machine that costs between $1000 and $2000. This is probably one of the best home elliptical on the market, it is packed with features that will enable you to burn a substantial number of calories in virtually no time at all. Best of all, this apparatus comes with everything that you might need to quickly tone up your body. Because of its commercial feature, this apparatus is built to very easily sustain quite a lot of wear and tear. This machine also includes cutting-edge features to guarantee your comfort during the entire length of your training session.

Power Levels

More importantly, this elliptical trainer has a practical feature that can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees. This can help make your workout far more challenging, which in return, will help you burn more calories. This will also enable you to benefit from different terrain types such as uphill to derive more effort from muscles such as the glutes, calves, ankles and hips. In terms of power levels, this machine is also enhanced with no less than six standard, two heart rate and two custom programs to add more variety to your training session.

Stride Length

With a 20 inch stride length, this elliptical trainer is ideal for users of different heights. Consequently, it can be used by larger families. The 20” stride length is also designed to help you extend your arms and legs as far as you possible can, hence speeding up the fat-blasting process.


This elliptical trainer is equipped with a 34 pound flywheel which is heavy enough to draw most major muscle groups of your body into the workout. The weighed flywheel is designed to speed up the toning up process while building more muscles. Because of the heavy flywheel, the elliptical trainer remains completely stable, regardless of how energetically you train. This is quite a refreshing comparison to flimsier models that continuously move or sway whenever you pick up your pace.

Ease of use

As far as ease of use is concerned, novice users have very little to worry about since the machine is entirely suited to less experienced athletes as well as professional ones. The pedals are entirely adjustable, which makes it ideal for various users. The articulating pedals also ensure your comfort while easily absorbing any strain to your knees and joints.


It is surprisingly easy to join the different parts together on this machine, similar as on Sole Fitness E35. In fact, most users found that they only needed between one to two hours to join the different parts together. The boxed packaging also includes a plethora of accessories as well as a variety of tools designed to facilitate the assembly process. You will also receive a handy instructions manual with detailed instructions in regards to the set up.

Additional Features

Sole Fitness E98 MonitorThis machine also includes a pulse grip as well as a chest strap to help you closely monitor your heart rate. Users can also make the most out of the machine’s 9-inch display screen to deliver a variety of fitness-related data such as the time elapsed, distance covered, number of elliptical strokes, calories burned and the likes. More luxurious amenities are also included in the likes of a water bottle holder and even a sound system to keep you entertained and motivated during the entire duration of your training session.

The Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine has a 400 pound weight limit. It is protected by a warranty of 2 years on labor, 5 years on parts and electronics and lifetime on the frame.

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